System Integration

Use IoT PLUS Sensors with your Existing or Custom Application

Embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) sometimes requires integration services and new applications that leverage robust analytics, machine learning and big data. Through our Technology Partners, we help you integrate our sensors with existing application, enable new business processes and expand services by using the right software and platforms.

Turn ordinary devices into smart, connected devices.

We can connect to any web-enabled system, allowing data integration and orchestration through a unique portal, as well as connecting to IoT cloud services and other back-end applications in the datacenter or cloud. With our development and integration services, turn ordinary devices, including vending machines, billboards and automotive devices, into smart, connected devices.

Centralize Your Distributed locations

Connect all of the devices in distributed locations (e.g., retail stores, manufacturing or healthcare facilities). Integrate thousands of locations to your back-office, manage high volumes of devices and data, and perform remote management from a central location.