Installation & Support

Whether you are looking for Sensors Installation Services, Quick Support or a Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement, we have it all!

IoT Plus services team offers help when it comes to installing our sensors, gateways and monitoring systems. We can arrange for complete installation and/or consultation when installing and setting up our wireless sensors and remote monitoring system

At IoT PLUS, we understand that each business has its own operational requirements. That is why, in addition to our installation services, we offer strong after sales support in order to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation of installed equipment.

We also provide a wide range of IT Support services for your existing IT operations that fits each business budget. Selecting IoT PLUS as your support provider will ensure that you have a team of experts at your disposal so that you are least bothered when you encounter problems with your IoT and/or IT equipment and systems. No matter which vendor or manufacturer you prefer, IoT PLUS will be there to provide support without any problem.

Our Technical Support Services

Per Incident Support

A fast and flexible support approach for small businesses to get the IoT support they need when they need it. IoT PLUS`s per incident support gives small businesses access to a complete IT department and the flexibility to pay per visit instead of engaging in Annual Contract.

Annual Maintenance Contract

A contractual support approach which allows you to get access to our IT team expertise whenever required. When you sign an Annual Maintenance Contract with IoT PLUS you get:

  • Free IT Audit for your existing IT Infrastructure; we will evaluate your existing setup and share with you our findings in order to help you cut cost and work more efficiently.
  • 2 preventive maintenance visits per month; we will visit your office two times per month to ensure that your systems are up to date with latest patches and virus definitions, our visit also include full system troubleshooting and cleanup to avoid any potential issues.
  • On Demand support when you need it; we will immediately respond to any support call you may have.

Outsourced IT Department

Suitable for medium sized businesses who are looking to hire on premises IT personnel. IoT PLUS outsourced IT department services will benefit you by cutting your recurrent cost that normally occurs when you hire your own department, we will visit your business and evaluate your IT operations and then we will hire professionals to handle your day to day IT operational requirement.

Benefits you get when you outsource to IoT PLUS
  • Cut human resources cost that is normally associated with hiring your own IT team, such as residence visa, insurance, annual ticket, 1 month annual leave, …etc
  • Flexible solution that allows to simply increase your resources whenever required
  • Suitable to your budget where you have the option to pay monthly or quarterly
  • ITIL oriented approach
  • 100% privacy and respect to your working environment
  • Free IT consultancy from our consultants

Why Choose Our Technical Services

As we’re primarily an IT support company, you can count on us to support your IoT & IT systems after the initial setup. We offer comprehensive IT support packages to meet any requirements you may have.

From provisioning, planning, procurement, scheduling delivery, to setup, testing and commissioning of all your IT equipment, we’ll take care of them all, leaving you more time to concentrate on other important tasks.

We understand that budget can be tight during this period. By studying your business requirements and recommending only the equipment & configuration that you really need, we help you save cost.

Setting up a new office is a time when many important decisions are made which can affect operations later on. With years of experience,we can provide professional advice to help you avoid expensive pit-falls.