Food Safety Solution

Food Safety & The Internet of Things, A Perfect Match!

Introducing M+ (Monitoring Plus) ; A Smart Wireless Monitoring Solution from IoT Plus. M+ wirelessly link your cold rooms, fridges and freezers to a secure cloud platform; allowing seamless transmission of your temperature data 24/7 so that you are always informed wherever you are. Real-time alerts allow you to act quickly to save your stock, be it day or night.

M+ Wireless Solutions:

1- Reduces and may potentially eliminate time-consuming manual checks
2- Eliminates paper-work, data is automatically stored on-site or in the cloud
3- Protects your inventory around the clock
4- Ensures compliance with the latest regulations and standards
5- Improve profitability by preventing losses

Remote Monitoring Solution for Food Services

Maintaining an optimal temperature in your food storage coolers and freezers allows you to keep your food fresh. If the temperature falls above or below the optimal range costly spoilage can occur. From prep coolers to walk-in freezers, IoT Plus can help you maintain proper temperatures and will alert you in real-time if temperature go outside a safe zone or if a cooler door is left open.

Go Paperless, Ditch the Clipboard

To implement a reliable system for food trace-ability, the first rule is to eliminate the paper methods. Producing products in high volume makes it impossible to track information with paper. IoT Plus helps you eliminate old-fashioned temperature tracing and recording with a secure online portal and unlimited storage capability.
IoT Plus is helping manufacturers reduce the impact of a recall and meet HACCP requirements by providing detailed monitoring and record keeping for commercial food producers and suppliers.

Monitoring Food in Transit

IoT Plus makes it possible for food producers, transportation, and food service providers to work connected and guarantee timely delivery and safe food. With our IoT food solution, companies across the supply chain gain the visibility needed to ensure food is delivered on time, and prepared in optimal settings.
Food companies that use internet-connected equipment can confirm food quality as it leaves the factory or warehouse. Fleet managers can then leverage wireless sensors to ensure temperature sensitive and perishable goods do not spoil while in transit.

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