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Statistics Center Abu Dhabi Installed IoT Plus Monitoring Solution

SCAD`s Data Center Environment is now fully monitored using IoT Plus Smart Sensors

Statistics Center − Abu Dhabi (SCAD), the official source of statistical data in Abu Dhabi Emirate has installed IoT Plus monitoring solution in order get instant alerts and track any enivronmental changes inside its Data Center.

IoT Plus has installed its smart sensors to monitor the three most important parameters inside any server room: Temperature, Humidity & Water Leakage. Critical limit notifications have been created to alert IT team in real-time about any increase in temperature or presence of water. 

Server rooms are full of expensive computers and networking equipment that are designed to operate within a set temperature range. IoT Plus wireless sensors provide an affordable, reliable way to monitor these temperature-critical environments.

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Carrefour implemented IoT Plus Sign Board Automation Module

Carrefour Sign Boards are now Smart thanks to IoT PLUS Sign Board Automation Module

Hypermarket and supermarket chain Carrefour, operated and managed by Majid Al Futtaim has recently implemented IoT Plus smart sign board module

Carrefour approached IoT Plus to help them automate their sign board operating mechanism. They were using classic power timer to turn ON/OFF sign boards. However, such timers have two main issues: (1) It requires manual adjustment to cope with sunset time change. (2) in the event of rain, It will continue to supply power to sign board which might cause electric surges

IoT Plus solved above 2 issues by introducing a smart module which (1) can automatically switch ON/OFF the signed board when it is really dark (whether it is sunset or cloudy) and (2) in the event of rain or high moisture weather, it will turn the sign board OFF. The Module has been implemented in many locations in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain and will soon expand to cover rest of U.A.E. branches.

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Aswaaq awarded IoT Plus the implementation of Temperature Tracking

Aswaaq awarded IoT PLUS the implementation of Smart Remote Temperature Monitoring & Alert Solution

Aswaaq, a local brand recognized as one of the trusted retailers across the U.A.E. has selected IoT PLUS to implement IoT ’Internet Of Things’ Smart Remote Temperature Monitoring Solution.

Aswaaq has previously worked with couple of Temperature Monitoring Systems but were not satisfied because of the operational limitations they had faced. Aswaaq representatives were introduced to IoT Plus advanced Temperature Monitoring solution during Dubai Food Safety Conference and they loved it at the first glance!

“Aswaaq operates their supermarkets and retail community in compliance with international standards and IoT Plus advanced monitoring solutions will support their mission” says Mahmoud Al Charif, Director of Technical Services at IoT PLUS

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IoT Plus at SIAL 2017

IoT Plus at GlobalFood Marketplace Exhibition (Salon International de l’alimentation – SIAL).

IoT Plus exhibited at SAIL Innovation Area. SIAL Innovation Area showcases the world’s most innovative products, guaranteeing an experience for attendees to learn about upcoming trends in the food & beverage sector.

For 3 days, Iot Plus highlighted the challenges that face F&B sector when it comes to maintaining optimal temperature levels at its cold storage equipment and it offered an end-to-end innovative solution which offer online monitoring of temperature and receiving email/ SMS notifications if temperature goes above/beyond a predefined limit.

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Visit IoT Plus at ADIPEC

Visit IoT Plus in Hall 4 & Learn more about Industrial Internet Of Things

The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) is one of the world’s most influential events for the oil and gas industry.

IoT PLUS is announcing its new M-Plus Industrial sensors which offer four times the wireless range (1,000 feet, non-line-of-site) and longer battery life than traditional sensors (10 years on two AA batteries). M-Plus products use bank level security, featuring 256-bit exchange and AES-128 CTR for all data message.

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IoT Plus at Dubai Food Safety Conference

Thanks for attending IoT Plus stand at Dubai International Food Safety Conference

IoT Plus exhibited at DIFSC where it demonstrated the latest Smart Monitoring Solutions for the Food Industry. Temperature and Open/Close door sensors where on live demo to show visitors how easy it is to setup and monitor their most valuable assets. Whether it is a counter chiller, display fridge or a cold room, IoT Plus can monitor its temperature, door status, humidity, water leakage.. and much more in order to keep you always informed!

The show is designed for food safety professionals from the food industry, regulatory authorities and academic institutions and policy makers. Various workshops, technical sessions, and poster presentations during the conference has featured more than 200 presenters from all across the globe. IoT Plus General Manager held stage sessions and talks throughout 3 days of the conference. Mr. Abi Farraj explained about the importance of IoT in the food industry and how we can start applying this technology to ensure food safety.

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IoT Plus GM Speaks at Gulf Food

Thanks for attending the Business Talks Conference at Gulf Food Manufacturing

Thanks to all who attended the presentation by General Manager Rida Abi Farraj about “Food Safety & Internet of Things” at the Business Talks Conference

Did you miss it? You still have the chance to visit us at booth D-7 at Dubai International Food Safety Conference from November 19 until November 21 where you can learn more about our smart remote monitoring solutions for the food industry.

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