Carrefour implemented IoT Plus Sign Board Automation Module

Carrefour Sign Boards are now Smart thanks to IoT PLUS Sign Board Automation Module

Hypermarket and supermarket chain Carrefour, operated and managed by Majid Al Futtaim has recently implemented IoT Plus smart sign board module

Carrefour approached IoT Plus to help them automate their sign board operating mechanism. They were using classic power timer to turn ON/OFF sign boards. However, such timers have two main issues: (1) It requires manual adjustment to cope with sunset time change. (2) in the event of rain, It will continue to supply power to sign board which might cause electric surges

IoT Plus solved above 2 issues by introducing a smart module which (1) can automatically switch ON/OFF the signed board when it is really dark (whether it is sunset or cloudy) and (2) in the event of rain or high moisture weather, it will turn the sign board OFF. The Module has been implemented in many locations in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain and will soon expand to cover rest of U.A.E. branches.